Meet children waiting for a sponsor

Your monthly gift of $50 will give your sponsored child access to academic enrollment, computer education, healthcare, school meals, school materials, and access to all extra-curricular activities, including karate, yoga, meditation, art, music, and dancing.

As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child. Learn why you should sponsor a child and how you can thereby end the cycle of poverty in India for good.

Below, meet some of the boys and girls waiting to be sponsored by someone like you.

We know it’s important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It’s important to us, too. Please visit our Financial Transparency page.

Shahla Ettefagh, President and Founder

Breakdown of your $50 Gift

  • Education
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • School Operations
  • Healthcare
  • Administration


“These are the most grateful children you’ll ever meet in your life. If you want to support children from abroad, you could not pick a better place than Mother Miracle School.”

Michael Ward, Sponsor since 2017

Click here to Meet Four Sponsors and their interesting Testimonial Stories

Shohreh Aghdashloo, Michael Ward, Chad Kammin, and Michael Alexander share one beautiful experience – they all sponsor children at Mother Miracle School in India. Watch this video and see what they have to say about their sponsorships.

How Sponsorship Works

Through sponsoring, we’re able to connect you with one of our children in need. Sponsoring a Mother Miracle School child is a unique opportunity because our students are born into extreme poverty, yet they are brilliant and talented. If given a chance, they compete at the highest level and succeed every time.


Sponsor a child today

For just $50 per month or $600 per year, you can sponsor a child in need out of a slum area in India and change his or her life forever.


Welcome to Mother Miracle

We’ll send you a welcome email from us with a photo and other information about your new sponsored child. Welcome to the Mother Miracle family!


Watch your child’s life change

You’ll receive academic updates, letters, artwork, and photos. You’re welcome to visit your child at any time or send a birthday cake or gift at our gift shop.

FAQs about Sponsorship

Not only does your sponsorship change the life of one child, but the impact also ripples out to each child’s family, as well as future generations of Mother Miracle School.