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Shahla Ettefagh, President and Founder

President and Founder of Mother Miracle School

Shahla Ettefagh holds a master’s degree in Architecture and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Child Psychology from the University of San Francisco. From 1984-2002, she owned a successful commercial interior art design firm and an adult community art school in San Francisco Bay Area. She moved to India in 2002 with the mission of providing an opportunity for extremely impoverished children through education, empowerment, and unconditional love.  As a foreigner, she was told India would “eat her up,” and she faced many challenges, but her belief in miracles and the grace of God allowed her to persevere.

  • 2022 – Received Ellis Island medal of Honor Award presented at Ellis Island, NY, USA
  • 2022 – Fastest Growing Education Excellence Award, New Delhi
  • 2021 – Intellectual Peoples Foundation, Intellectual People Award, New Delhi
  • 2018 – Mahatma Gandhi Saman Award presented at House of Commons, London, UK
  • 2018 – International Women’s day Award presented by Pujya Swami & Vandana Shiva (Navdanya movement) at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India
  • 2017 – Global Achievers Foundation Award presented in an official building, Dehradun, India
  • 2016 – International Business Council Award presented in High court, New Delhi, India
  • 2015 – Indian Solidarity Council Award presented in High court, New Delhi, India
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