Who is Mother Miracle?

Mother Miracle is a non-profit organization empowering children from India’s slums to reach their highest potential by providing free education, nutrition, and healthcare.

We address social issues in the Rishikesh community from multiple angles, creating a unified force against poverty, disease, and illiteracy.

Our primary focus is running a K-12 school, offering the highest quality education, nutrition, and healthcare for exceptionally intelligent children from the slums. Because our students’ families cannot afford to send them to university, we also provide university scholarships that include the costs of the dormitory, food, and books. In exchange, our students commit to giving back to the school by sponsoring a new kindergarten student at Mother Miracle. This lifetime bond with the school completes the cycle and ensures a stable funding source for the school.

In addition to the K-12 school, we also run an on-site bakery that provides birthday cakes for all of our students. We also run a computer department so that all of our students graduate with basic to advanced coding and programming skills to prepare them for high-paying, in-demand careers.

How we end Poverty

See how we’re providing high-quality education and scholarships to the children from the slums in India.

Financial Transparency

Find out how we maximize the impact of every dollar. We change the lives of 522 kids through our school every year.

Get to know us

See the people behind Mother Miracle School and learn more about the team and our founder Shahla Ettefagh.

Read inspiring stories by our children, sponsors and the Mother Miracle School team

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