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"It is an honor to be part of her life, and to dream her dreams with her. My heart is filled to a capacity I never knew existed." - Denise Jernas, Sponsor, San Francisco

Sponsor a Child

Thank you for believing in the work we are doing at Mother Miracle. If you are ready to become a sponsor, you can make your payment via Credit card/PayPal.

Sponsorship covers: Your child’s academic enrollment, computer education, healthcare, school meals, school materials, and access to all extra-curricular activities including karate, yoga, meditation, art, music, and dance.

Cost of Sponsorship:  To sponor a child it costs only $50 per month or $600 per year. Sponsoring a child is the beginning of a relationship. Once a year, your child will send you a personal handwritten letter, artwork, their report card, and a photo.

With just $50 per month, you can change the life of a Mother Miracle Student. This $50 can be broken down into the following expenses, as shown in the pie chart: 

$15 – Breakfast and Lunch

$13 – Teacher and Staff Salaries for 61 employees

$10 – Books & All School Materials 

$7.50 – Maintenance & Expansion of the Facilities

$2.00 – Healthcare 

$2.50 – Administration & Other 


Why Sponsor

Enabling our outstanding, yet impoverished children to reach their fullest potential.

We invite you to take this important step with us. 

Our students overcome tremendous hardships and demonstrate unstopable perseverence in order to create a better life for themselves and their families. Sponsoring a Mother Miracle child is a unique opportunity because our students are born into extreme poverty, yet they are exceptionally intelligent and talented. If given a chance, they compete at the highest level and succeed every time.

Behind the eyes and smiles of our children, there lies a remarkable story. 

Gifted with brains and willpower, they are the future astronauts, engineers, and doctors of our society. It is only the conditions in which they were born that limit their potential. Here lies the critical role of our sponsors, who not only bear witness to a child’s exciting transformation, they also actively participate in making the miracle.

A sustainable model for breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through our transformative model, not only does your sponsorship change the life of one child, the impact ripples out to each child’s family, as well as future generations of Mother Miracle School. Our primary focus is running a K-12 school, but because our student’s families cannot afford to send them to University, we also provide scholarships to all students who choose to continue their education. Upon graduation, we help students to find a job using our community network. This allows them to financially assist their families, which is a cultural norm in India. And most importantly, it enables them to give back to the school by sponsoring a new kindergarten child at Mother Miracle. This lifetime bond with the school helps to break the cycle of poverty for a much larger community.

My name is Vikrant Sharma

When I was 11, I was accepted to Mother Miracle School as an accomplished student, and in 2014 I met my sponsor, Chad Kammin. I went from a slum area, living in one room and sharing my bed with my father, mother and sister to having my own master bedroom. Chad put me in Roosevelt High School, which is one of the best schools in the United States, and I graduated with honors in 2015 in the top 3% of the school. Now I’m studying to become a Neurosurgeon at Drake University in Iowa, and plan to support my entire family and Mother Miracle school children.

 Read My Full Story

Mark my words, the future Prime Minister of India will be one of the kids from your school. I see in them how strong they are, how much will they have.

Balbir Datta, Founder & President of Rama Foundation, UK

How Your Child Benefits

Sponsorship covers academic enrollment, healthcare, family emergency support, school materials, summer & winter uniforms, glass of milk for breakfast, midday snack, “all you can eat” lunch, and access to all extracurricular activities including karate, art, dance, music and singing, sports, yoga and meditation.

What to Expect

The depth of your relationship with your sponsored child is based on your preference. Your child will send you annual academic updates, including a handwritten letter, artwork, their report card, and a photo. You are welcome to write your child a letter, visit your child at anytime, or send them a birthday cake or gift from our gift shop.

Costs of Sponsorship

  • $8400 – Sponsor a child from grades K-12
  • $600/yr – Sponsor a child for one year (Or, $50 monthly recurring)
  • $300 – Sponsor half of a child’s academic year and we will find a match.
  • We accept PayPal, credit card, or check.


Why should I sponsor a child at Mother Miracle School?

It is unconditional love for our kids that drives the work we do. We hope this rings true for you as you read about our standards for excellence, the success stories of our kids, and the testimonials from our sponsors.

The Mother Miracle Trust is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in the United States, and an 80G Registered Trust with the Indian government. We run on a lean annual budget, which covers program-wide expenses and salaries for 70 staff members. Our Founder & President, Shahla Ettefagh volunteers her time to Mother Miracle and abstains from receiving a salary. We maximize the impact of every dollar we receive from our donors and sponsors. Each year we significantly impact the lives of 522 students through our K-12 school. We are committed to integrity and transparency, which is why we published information about our current financial position on the “About Page.”

Moreover, Mother Miracle has a unique niche in that we focus our services on exceptionally intelligent children born into the sums of Rishikesh. Each of our children is uniquely positioned to succeed in the long-term. Our vision is for 100% of our graduates to go to college and become employed to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Our big brother/big sister program requires that graduates who become employed pay it forward by sponsoring one of our younger students.

Thank you for considering taking this important step with us. For any further questions, please contact us at info@mothermiracle.org.

What is the process for signing up as a sponsor?
At the top of the page, select “Sponsor a Boy” or “Sponsor a Girl” depending on your preference. The link will lead you to a page to make your payment via PayPal or credit card. We will choose our most outstanding and deserving child on your behalf. Once we match you, we will send you details about your child via email including a photo and information about his/her family and interests. We will connect your name with the child’s name in our database, so that 100% of your donations moving forward go directly to your sponsored child. Aside from payment, there is nothing further you need to do to complete the process of sponsorship.
How much does it cost, is it tax deductible, and what methods of payment do you accept?

Your sponsorship is fully tax deductible. It costs $600 per year ($50/month) to support one child. This comes down to $1.66 per day! To sponsor a child from Kindergarten through 12th grade, this important investment in a child’s life and future costs only $8,400. 

Do you have orphans as well, or are all the children only from less privileged parents?
We are not an orphanage. We are a day school, meaning the students live at home with family or friends and come to and from our school on a daily basis. Some of our students have one or more parents who are deceased, and this severely limits the family’s means of supporting themselves. We take this into consideration during our admissions process, when we select our children from thousands of applicants to find the smartest children from the most disadvantaged and poorest families.
How are sponsorship contributions used?

100% of all sponsorship donations go directly to your sponsored child to cover his/her academic enrollment, healthcare, family emergency support, school materials, glass of milk for breakfast, midday snack, “all you can eat” lunch, and access to all extracurricular activities.

What kind of interaction do I have with my child?

Once a year, your child will send you a personal package including a handwritten letter, artwork, their report card, a photo, and updates about their height & weight. Additionally, Mother Miracle sends updates throughout the year covering happenings and progress at the school. Aside from this, our sponsors are not expected or required to interact with their child in any other way. That said, we have many opportunities to deepen the relationship if that’s of interest.

Letters & gifts: You are welcome to write your child a letter or send them a small package at any time. You can buy a gift for your child by visiting our “Child’s Wishlist.” We will purchase the gift locally and send you a photo of your child with the gift as a thank you.

Visiting your Child: Many sponsors have also found the experience of visiting their child at Mother Miracle extremely rewarding and life changing. This is by no means expected. However, if you do decide to visit, we would be thrilled to arrange a personal introduction between you and your child, and the child’s parents. It is likely you would be able to visit your child’s home, as well as spend quality time together. 

How long does sponsorship last?

Ideally, we would like our sponsors to commit to their child until he or she finishes the 12th grade. Every year that you sponsor the child it only costs $600, which breaks down to $1.66 per day! Many of our sponsors have stayed with their child from the beginning. If you cannot make a long-term commitment, we are grateful for donations in any amount which will help to fill the gap for children who are not matched with a sponsor. Through your gift of sponsorship, you are enabling a child to reach their fullest potential by receiving a high-quality education that they would otherwise be unable to access.

What are the options if I want to establish a long term relationship with my child to ensure his/her entire education and basic needs of life are met?

It is very special when individual sponsors commit to supporting their child throughout their academic career, from Kindergarten through college. Sometimes sponsors support a child from K-12, and then we have to find a different sponsor who will support that child’s higher education. However, establishing a long-term relationship between the sponsor and child from kindergarten through college is the ideal scenario and it creates a deep parent-like bond between sponsor and child. 

Long-term Sponsorship Costs = $18,400 

From Kindergarten through 12th grade: $8,400 – covers academic enrollment, healthcare, family emergency support, school materials, summer & winter uniforms, glass of milk for breakfast, “all you can eat” lunch, and access to all extracurricular activities including computer training, karate, art, dance, music and singing, sports, yoga and meditation.

College Tuition in India: Approximately $10,000 for 4 years

How do you match children with sponsors?
After you select your preference for a boy or girl, we will match you with our most deserving and outstanding student. All of our children come from extremely poor families and are exceptionally intelligent with tremendous potential. If you want to be more involved in the matching process, you can email us at at info@mothermiracle.org and we can send you several suggestions to choose from.
What expectations and responsibilities come with sponsorship?

Aside from consistent financial support ($50/month), there is nothing additional required of you as a sponsor. That said, we have many opportunities to deepen the relationship if that’s of interest. This could include writing letters to your child, sending them packages, buying them gifts or a birthday cake from our Gift Shop, or planning a visit to Rishikesh to visit your child in person.

Can I send a gift or money directly to my sponsored child?
We do not advise shipping gifts from abroad because we cannot guarantee it will make it through customs. However, we can buy everything your child needs in India for less than what it may cost overseas. Visit our Gift Shop to purchase a birthday cake or another special gift, and we will buy the item locally and send you a picture of your child having recieved it. To give money to your child, please complete a one-time donation online and follow up with an email to info@mothermiracle.org explaining desired use of funds.
If I want to donate an item to Mother Miracle, what are the next steps?

Thank you for thinking of making a donation! Please email us at info@mothermiracle.org and we can work together to determine what is most needed at that time. By making a general donation to Mother Miracle, you are assured that the money is going to our most pressing needs and current fundraising initiative.

Can I make a general donation to Mother Miracle instead of sponsoring a child?

Of course! Donations make our programs possible, and fill gaps in funding for children who do not have sponsors, or if a sponsor left the program due to financial constraints. The general fund is also used
for our “all you can eat” lunch program.

Sponsor Testimonials

When I joined Mother Miracle and started sponsoring my first child, I had no idea that she would one day become a nurse at one of the most prominent hospitals in India supporting her very poor family. Mamta Chauhan is now an educated, intelligent, and independent young woman who has a well-paying job and a choice to follow her dreams. With that choice, Mamta has decided to save lives. Shoreh Aghdashloo has been nominated for an Academy Award and has won an Emmy. She’s starred in more than 25 films and played the lead role in the American cable and satellite TV series, The Expanse on Syfy Network. Off-screen, Shoreh sponsors 7 of our children at Mother Miracle. Shoreh said, “It’s very rewarding and very heartwarming knowing that there are other people in another place of the world, who are depending on you. Through sponsorship, you are helping them out to become somebody in this life.”

Shoreh Aghdashloo, Emmy-award winning actress, Los Angeles, CA

Sponsor since 2005 

My husband and I made a trip to India in November 2014.  We visited 9 cities in 28 days.  However, I have to say that the best and most memorable part of our journey was our visit to Rishkesh and Mother Miracle School where over 250 local children come to learn, be fed, play and experience a first rate and well-rounded education. The school environment exudes a positive energy that you can’t help but feel through and through. There is much to say about this miracle place that Shahla Ettefagh has built from scratch, brick by brick, pouring her heart and soul into it to bring magic to the lives of children in a city where the need is overwhelming and the resources limited. We had a complete tour of the school facility including classrooms, lunchroom, kitchen, play area, computer lab and so much more. The best scene was watching the kids line up for lunch, taking their shoes off and lining them up against the wall, taking their place in front their plates and waiting to be served a very nutritious and healthy lunch. They could even ask for second and third helpings. We were amazed at how well behaved, respectful and loving these children were. I guess it is no surprise, as they are taught well and given much love and respect. The world needs more Shahla Ettefaghs. I encourage everyone to become a sponsor, supporter or volunteer of this great cause.

Mina & Mohammad Fotovat, Owner Riverside Natural Foods Ltd., Ontario, Canada

Sponsor since 2012

The work Shahla Ettefagh does with the impoverished yet talented children is beyond description. I have seen the successes coming from the simple idea of giving a child an opportunity. I saw genuine and pure joy on the faces of the children as they knew their dreams could become realities. We visited about a week after the devastating floods so we couldn’t appreciate the true beauty of the school. We returned one year later and saw the commitment Shahla has to the neighborhood. The streets approaching the school were clean. The school was spotless. I could see the pride of everyone associated with Mother Miracle to keep the facilities brilliant. Of course, my life was also in for a huge change as I agreed to bring over one of the students she discovered. At first I was going to be his sponsor, but soon Vikrant entered my life as my son and is now a full member of my family. I want the “miracle” of Mother Miracle to be told to the world. It creates success and opportunity for children who would otherwise be deprived of showing how great they can be.

Chad Kammin, High School Teacher, Iowa, USA 

Visited in 2013, Sponsor since 2014

In 2008 I sponsored three boys from Mother Miracle. Over the past eight years, I have been blessed to see them graduate and achieve success, and since then, I have taken on new and equally enthusiastic students. One of my boys is now a freshman at a fine university based on his excellent test scores and hard work. I am paying for his college education. Jointly we share his challenges and many successes. His personal dedication to his studies, to Mother Miracle, Shahla, and the younger students is always apparent. I have seen first hand how the mission of the school has impacted the families and the students of their desperately poor neighborhood. Shahla’s comprehensive approach to meeting the students’ needs is setting the students up for great success that will ripple out beyond the school. I have no doubt that my sponsorships are being well spent and making a difference. I encourage everyone to support Mother Miracle School, and I am happy to answer any questions.

Michael Alexander, Levi’s Employee, San Francisco, CA

Sponsor since 2008 

To say the least, Mother Miracle is a true miracle for the children and families of Rishikesh! The beautiful children are well fed, clothed, good at English and math, and learn many valuable skills to foster their success in life. One thing that immediately stands out is that these children are well-loved and happy. Each time I visit the school there are improvements. The new school building is gorgeous and will protect the children from the annual floods, which seem to be worsening. The bakery provides nutritious foods, and their expanding technology offerings helps them to keep pace with the needs in the outside world once the students graduate. Mother Miracle School is a community in the best sense of the word. Those who help support Mother Miracle are making a real and valuable difference in the lives of the disenfranchised and needy children in Rishikesh.

Della Spring, Founder Spring Awakenings, Boston, MA

Sponsor since 2014 

When I walked through the gate at Mother Miracle after a ride through the slums, I felt the tug at my heart and the tears in my eyes. Every greeting from the students of “good morning ma’am” from the happy, smiling, polite children was a gift to me. I knew that I had to reciprocate. I knew I had to do more. Since this first impressionable experience about seven years ago, I have made annual trips back to Rishikesh and Mother Miracle. I have become a sponsor to a beautiful, intelligent and talented girl, and over the years her family has become very dear to me. It is an honor to be part of her life, and to dream her dreams with her. I have also witnessed Shahla’s relentless determination and will to grow the school, despite many obstacles. Her unwavering efforts have resulted in a top notch, award winning school in Rishikesh, and her passion and vision extends to the community, with the women’s empowerment group, bakery, and other initiatives. My heart is filled to a capacity I never knew existed. My gratitude to Shahla and children.

Denise Jernas, Planning Manager, San Francisco, CA

Sponsor since 2013

I first visited Mother Miracle in March of 2016 during my first trip to India. My experience at the school has been life changing in so many ways and it has been one of the primary reasons I visited Rishikesh 5 times in 2016. When I first arrived I didn’t know what to expect, but after spending so much time with the kids I’ve seen how intelligent, talented, polite, and very respectful they are. You see how the sponsors and staff have enriched the lives of these children. You see talent and intelligence that may have gone to waste had it not been for the school giving them the opportunity and support to shine. The school is almost a hidden gem. It’s not hard to find, it’s not far from popular areas, but so many travelers that visit Rishikesh are unaware of its existence. Personally, it’s the highlight of every trip I make. Seeing Jahanvi, Garima, and Vishakha practice for and compete in dance competitions, playing chess with the kids, watching volleyball games, yoga, karate, and celebrating various events with the kids and staff has been amazing. Seeing their smiles and how happy they are despite a long list of hardships their families face has been eye opening. I’ve become very close to some of the children and their families and on many occasions visited their homes. Some of them are like my own family now and we’ve kept in touch between visits.

Peter Manis, Senior Software Engineer, Google, San Francisco, CA 

Sponsor since 2016

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