6 Pound Birthday Cake Or ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Cake’

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You can order a 6 pound birthday cake or ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Cake’ for your sponsor child so, she can share her happiness with her family.


4 reviews for 6 Pound Birthday Cake Or ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Cake’

  1. Mohammad Fotovat

    Awesome ! Great idea…..
    I would suggest to have more gift items at your gift shop .
    Thanks !

  2. Della Spring

    This is a great idea! I hope this is a fun and successful fund-raiser for the children and for the school!

  3. Durga and Vidura

    Great idea and gorgeous cake! Happy birthday Rahika

  4. mitra mahdavi

    I love the idea! Thank you for making it possible!

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