4 Pound Birthday Cake Or ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Cake’

(8 customer reviews)


You can order a 4 pound birthday cake or Hip Hip Hooray! Cake for your sponsor child so, she can share her happiness with her family.


8 reviews for 4 Pound Birthday Cake Or ‘Hip Hip Hooray! Cake’

  1. Carianne Pollacek

    Cannot review as I’m just buying it now.

  2. zohreh mokhbery

    you have done a great job.

  3. linda cook

    I am so happy to be a sponsor for Shipra!

  4. Jeanne Sutter


  5. Jeanne Sutter

    beautiful job.

  6. zohreh mokhbery (verified owner)

    thanks for all of your efforts

  7. Colleen (Gitabai) Heater (verified owner)

    what a beautiful gift for anyone’s birthday! Happy Birthday Ishika!

  8. Padma Rao

    Happy Birthday Sumit! You are doing great!

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