High-Tech Business Center

Providing Opportunities for Our Graduates

Opening 2022

Mother Miracle Tech Business Center

We can build this "Brick-by-Brick"!

Each brick costs $5,000. With 300 bricks, we can build our vision.

We are currently fundraising to buy land and start construction for our Tech Business Center, which we plan to open in 2022!

You can contribute to the  “Brick by Brick” campaign! Each Brick costs $5,000 and we need 300 Bricks to build our vision.

Your donation will be acknowledged by the inclusion of your name or the name of a beloved on the Bricks, which will be featured on a beautiful donation wall at the entrance of the building.

All donations will go towards making the Tech Business Center a reality. Many thanks for your generosity.

In 2019, we opened the Computer Department comprising of 4 computer labs with 129 computers. We introduced coding languages, office, and computer programming curriculum for all of our students in grades K-12, two hours every day

However, after graduation, our students lack access to well-paying jobs available in the tech sector. Our vision is to provide a platform in which our students can gain employment and experience. 

To address this need, we are in the process of buying land and building a 5-story office to house our high-tech consulting services firm.

The urgent need for advanced computer skills in today’s workforce has become undeniable. India has turned into a hub for many global tech companies including HP, Dell, TCS, Infosys, Viacom, Oracle.

Indian IT is among top destinations for software outsourcing, serving not just local clients, but reaching out worldwide. 

Realizing this opportunity, we shifted our focus to educating our impoverished children to become leaders in the digital age.

This firm will be a custom software development house, offering a wide range of technology consulting and development services, such as Scala, Python, Java and Java Script, mobile apps and full-stack web design and services.

We will work with a range of companies in finance, IT, healthcare, e-commerce, and gaming industries to provide strategy and product engineering solutions.

Upon graduation, this firm will provide our graduates a clear pathway to successful internship, job placement and experience.

All the proceeds from this non-profit company will be redirected back to the Mother Miracle Trust to be used for the Mother Miracle School operations and expansions.

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