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Browse our catalog of wishlist items to support our students and programs

Purchase a birthday cake or something special for your sponsored child and deepen your relationship, or buy a much-needed item for our community programs.

Imagine your child receiving their first ever birthday cake, or opening your package to find their first doll. Imagine how happy they would be to receive a new pair of sandals to make them feel comfortable on their walk to school. We’ve listed items that will be immediately useful to our students, as well as items that will make them feel extra special.

Even if you are not a Child Sponsor, you can still have fun shopping! Friends of Mother Miracle can support our community programs by buying our kids lunch for the day. 

To save the hassle of shipping and correct sizing, after you place your online order, we will purchase the item at our local market and hand deliver it to your child, and we will send you a photo of your child enjoying your gift. This also means the item purchased may not be exactly as pictured below, but we’ll find something your child loves!

Girl’s Wishlist

Boy’s Wishlist

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