Higher Education Scholarship Fund

Thank you for interest in supporting our higher education scholarship fund! After graduating from Mother Miracle’s K-12 School, our students rely on individual sponsors to support the crucial next step of college enrollment. Through the gift of education, you are not only helping to change the life of one student, but you are also enabling that student to find a good paying job to lift their entire family out of poverty.

Cost of Scholarship: It costs approximately $2,500 to send one student to college in India for one year and $10,000 for all four years. Past sponsors have enjoyed backing a student for all 4 years and witnessing their graduation. We are also grateful for one-time donations in any amount that help fill gaps in funding for some of our outstanding students working so hard to earn their degree.

Upon receipt of payment, we will be in touch via email to let you know more information about your sponsored student.


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