Educating impoverished children of India to be leaders in the digital age


We provide free cutting-edge technology training that sets our students apart from others. This shift enables our students to secure well-paying jobs, to support their families and sponsor a new poor child in our school, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Over the last year, thanks to generous donations of people like you, we have installed 126 state-of-the-art PCs in our 4 Titan Labs. We now have the infrastructure to deliver real and tangible high-tech skills to our students.

We need your help in bringing Internet access to these 4 labs, the cost of which is $400 per month.

In 2019, we opened the Mother Miracle Computer Department, comprising of 4 computer labs with 129 computers. We introduced coding languages, office, and computer programming curriculum for all of our students in grades K-12, two hours every day

However, after graduation, our students lack access to well-paying jobs available in the tech sector. Our vision is to provide a platform in which our students can gain employment and experience. To address this need, we are in the process of buying land and building a 5-story office to house our Tech Business Center.

This firm will be a custom software development house, offering a wide range of technology consulting and development services, such as Scala, Python, Java and Java Script, mobile apps and full-stack web design and services. We will work with a range of companies in finance, IT, healthcare, e-commerce, and gaming industries to provide strategy and product engineering solutions.

Upon graduation, our Tech Business Center will provide our graduates a clear pathway to successful internship, job placement and experience.

All the proceeds from this non-profit company will be redirected back to the Mother Miracle Trust to be used for the Mother Miracle School operations and expansions.

Why Coding?

The job market has changed significantly over the last decade. Top employers like Apple, IBM, and Google are placing more emphasis on what you know, rather than how you learned it. This is especially true for vocations like coding and programming, which can be learned online and don’t require a 4-year college degree. Report published by Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, learning to code is one of the best skills you can acquire to secure a well-paying career.

  • Coding Jobs Pay More: In the USA, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 per year more than jobs that don’t. Half of the jobs that pay more than $57,000 a year, require coding skills from job applicants.
  • Coding Jobs are in High-Demand: Coding jobs are growing faster than the job market, and are especially useful to Engineers, Scientists, Artists & Designers, Data Analysts, and Information Technology Workers.
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