Coding School

Coding for Kids

Our goal by September 2019, is to open a coding school so that every student at Mother Miracle graduates with basic to advanced coding skills. 

“I keep hearing the word “code” over and over again in my head, and I know I need to create this opportunity for my students.”

– Shahla Ettefagh, Founder, Mother Miracle 

At Mother Miracle, we are committed to ensuring our students stand out when it comes to applying to jobs, and that means teaching them how to code. Coding is one of the most sought after skills across high-paying industries like Information Technology, Healthcare, and Finance, and this trend is projected to continue. Our goal by September 2019, is to raise $60,000 to purchase 50 computer stations so that our students can spend two hours of focused attention every day learning this valuable skill. The infrastructure is ready – we have the room, windows, fans, and lighting. With $60,000 for computer stations, we can open our Coding School in September 2019. 

What we need:

We are focusing our fundraising efforts on raising $60,000 by September 2019. $60,000 covers the expense of 50 computer stations, which includes a table, chair, HP computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, Uninteruptable Power Supply Device (UPS) for electrical power fails, and Antivirus software. We also welcome volunteers with coding skills or programming skills to lead an intensive course.

Why Coding?

The job market has changed significantly over the last decade. Top employers like Apple, IBM, and Google are placing more emphasis on what you know, rather than how you learned it. This is especially true for vocations like coding and programming, which can be learned online and don’t require a 4-year college degree.

According to a 2016 report published by Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, learning to code is one of the best skills you can acquire to secure a well-paying career. The report states: 

  • Coding Jobs Pay More: In the USA, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 per year more than jobs that don’t. Half of the jobs that pay more than $57,000 a year, require coding skills from job applicants.
  • Coding Jobs are in High-Demand: Coding jobs are growing faster than the job market, and are especially useful to Engineers, Scientists, Artists & Designers, Data Analysts, and Information Technology Workers.
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